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Betty Ockerlander Reviews

  • ratingratingratingratingrating - Posted by John and Helen Van der Leeden

    Betty and staff of Better Homes, I would like to make some remarks on the absolutely professional way our house in Bedford Rd, North Epping, was marketed and sold. The advertising campaign was without fault, and so more...

  • ratingratingratingratingrating - Posted by Ros and John Fraanje

    We will always remember the words of a losing agent to us Oh you’ve chosen Betty. You’ll do well. She is Gold. And he was right. Betty, after the first five minutes of meeting with you, we knew that you were going to be more...

  • ratingratingratingratingrating - Posted by Craig and Rhonda Wannan

    Dear Betty, We write to thank you and your team for the outstanding job that you performed in the selling of our home in Epping. Right from the beginning you were confident in being able to achieve a high figure. In the more...

  • ratingratingratingratingrating - Posted by Rosaleen, Caesar and Natalie

    To Dear Betty and your Team at Better Homes, What can we say nu THANK YOU ALL, you efficiency skill knowledge and dedication in preparing the house for sale and selling within 5 days from first open which seen in excess of more...

Betty Ockerlander Review and Ratings

Betty Ockerlander

Better Homes Realty

24 Oxford Street
Epping NSW 2121

02 8876 5888
Customer Rating
Betty Ockerlander
****. 4.50 from 4 rating(s)

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About Betty Ockerlander

Betty Ockerlander L.R.E.A. Principal / Sales Consultant who has over 15 years successfully marketing Real Estate in the Epping, Beecroft, Eastwood, Marsfield and Carlingford areas.

Betty loves a good auction and is constantly setting new industry standards and records.

Since opening Better Homes Realty in 1999 she has built up Better Homes Realty's respected reputation and has helped many people buy and/or sell. She continues to train both body and mind to stay ahead of the rest and keep the high percentage of referral business flowing, contact Betty on

Mobile 0408 50 50 80

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Betty Ockerlander, Better Homes Realty
24 Oxford Street, Epping NSW 2121

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