Are You The Number 1 Agent in Your Suburb ?

    Become The Area Specialist

    As a real estate agent there are real advantages in becoming an area specialist.

    It is based on the fact you become more knowledgeable about your target area.

    An agent that has specific area market knowledge will get higher selling prices.

    Consider these benefits as a area specialist real estate agent.

    * Area specialists are more effective for their customers.

    * Area specialists are more effective for themselves.

    * Area specialists can sell more properties by concentrating on one area.

    * Area specialists know their market place better.

    * Area specialists know the lifestyle benefits of their core area better.

    * Area specialists are better informed on specific properties.

    * Area specialists know their clients and potential clients better.

    * Specialize on one area and become the agent in demand.

     Why drive long distances between buyer appointments.

  Isn't it better when you only have to drive around the corner for your next appointment?

  The majority of buyers focus on specific geographic areas as their buying criteria.

  Shouldn't real estate agents do the same?

  Service your customers more effectively by specializing on a target area. 

There are Benefits For Real Estate Agents in Specializing in Specific Geographic Areas

1. Become More Knowledgeable About Property Prices in That Area.

With a target area you can become laser focused to become the best real estate agent in that area.

It helps you to concentrate on that one area and narrow your focus.

Becoming the number 1 area specialist is an achievable goal because most of your competing agents do not do this.

It is hard some times to get enough listings so most agents have a shot gun approach to promotion and take listings anywhere and everywhere.

As an area specialist you can become more knowledgeable about individual properties and this will come to your advantage at a listing appointments.

You can prove to potential clients about your intimate knowledge of the area.

Quoting individual sales which you were involved with close to their property.

This is so powerful at a listing presentation and will encourage them to choose you.

Consumers are really looking for a real estate agent that is a knowledgeable area expert.

With technology many agents can and do offer vendors all the same information, it is little wonder consumers then choose the agent with the lowest fee.

If you are the area expert you bring real knowledge and real value to the table and because of this you will get your vendors a higher selling price.

2. Become More Knowledgeable About Sellers in the Area

If you are concentrating on one area you will target your prospecting efforts.

This will mean the sellers will hear about you more regularly and will start to associate your name with real estate for this area.

Through meeting at open homes, letterbox drops, online promotions, or any form of promotional or prospecting efforts, the potential sellers for your target area will soon recognise you if you focus on one target area.

The more listings in have one area you can quickly establish yourself as the area expert and then build upon that momentum with all your targeted prospecting efforts.

The sellers in the area will connect your name with real estate.

From a practical point of view wouldn’t it be better when you only have to drive around the corner for your next appointment.

Why drive long distances between your open house or buyer appointments.

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3. Become More Knowledgeable About the Special Features of the Area and Sell the Lifestyle Better

Maybe it is where to get a parking spot at a busy shopping centre.

Maybe it is which beach is the best safest beach to take small kids.

Maybe it is the best Thai restaurant in the neighbourhood.

You get the idea as an area specialist you get to know all these features.

Now you can totally relate to sellers at the listing appointment because you know the real value of the property and its lifestyle features.

Also you are genuinely helping purchasers for the area by giving them good information that will make their move to the area more enjoyable.

Little things like this will make the purchasers remember you as the agent to call in the future.

4. Become More Knowledgeable About Buyers For That Area

Giving buyers personal and helpful advice when moving to the area will put you in the buyers mind as the agent who is the area expert.

They will follow your advice in the purchasing process and beyond that after they have bought.

If you have a good client follow up system the buyers will consider you as their areas expert and best agent.

The most important thing about being an area specialist is you have the valuable asset of buyer details for that area.

Knowing and storing contacts of buyers for a particular area makes you a valuable asset to any sellers and potential sellers in your core area.

It gives you extra confidence at listing appointments knowing you have buyers.

It is so powerful at a listing appointment to be able to say to the sellers I seriously have 5 buyers who I know would love this property because they missed out on the property I just sold up the road.

You also have something that no For Sale by Owner will ever have, "Live ready to go purchasers".

Data basing your buyer contacts is easier to do when you are specialising on certain key geographic areas.

5. Buyers Generally Buy Based on Area Shouldn’t Good Agents do the Same

Area is normally the number 1 criteria for buyers.

If you want to provide the best customer service for sellers, try to think like your buyers.

Most focus on areas so think like your customers focus on areas make it your vision to become the best real estate agent in that area.

Add value to all your clients because you are the areas genuine real estate expert.

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