Will Selling With A Real Estate Agent Get You A Better Sale Price ?

The quick answer is a resounding, YES you will get a higher price, providing the agent is a good one.

This site is all about trying to help consumers identify the good ones.

When selling property it is easy to fall into a trap of having emotions cloud your business decisions.

Maybe this is because of the large amounts of money involved.

Perhaps it is because when selling a family home, or a property where so much of your personal wealth is involved it is completely normal to be emotional.

A way to remove yourself from this emotion and make the best business decisions is to employ a third party to negotiate on your behalf.

This helps as it creates buffer between you and the other side during inspections and negotiations.

The real estate agent acts as the organizer between you any potential buyers.


However Many Consumers Also Ask Questions Like : 

   1. How do i know if the agent i have is the best available ?

   2. Am i getting value for money with their fees ?

   Real Estate Agent Ratings and How Our Site Can Help

    * Learn from other customers experiences

    * Read past customers comments plus video interviews

    * Compare the real estate agents on past sales data

    * Information on which agents are selling more property

    * Customer recommendations on who are the best agents

    * On average property owners sell every 7 to 10 years, so it makes sense to do the research before ringing the agents.


We help you find the best agent, and get the best value for your money.

We provide you with the necessary information to find the most passionate and enthusiastic real estate agents.

A skilled negotiator who can create a smart marketing campaign and is able to deal politely and efficiently with buyers will get you a better sale result.

Agents also supply us with information about the types of properties that are selling easily and what is not.

Challenge :  As soon as you start talking to real estate agents you can be bombarded with sales talk.

We have come to expect that from salespeople it seems to go with the territory of being a salesperson.

Generally enthusiasm in a salesperson is a positive quality.

We also show you what to say when you interview the real estate agents see Guide to the Best Real Estate Agent Questions.

However what consumers really want is facts, not hype.

We help you to cut through the jargon and get to the facts when dealing with real estate agents.

The information we can provide you shows which real estate agents are selling the most property and which agents are getting the best results in your area or suburb.

Good News :  There are good real estate agents available.

Our site is not here to criticize Australian real estate agents, we are here to find the good ones and support them.

We want to encourage consumers to do their homework in before employing a real estate agent, particularly when selling real estate.

With approximately 90% of all property being sold with real estate agents it makes sense to use a good agent when selling.

Tips on how to Pick the Best Real Estate Agent and Sell Real Estate For The Highest Price. 

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