Preparing Real Estate For Sale

Tip 1 - Presentation Is Everything

First impressions means how does your property look from the street.

Give it a test go for a walk around the block and when you come back ask how does my place compare with the neighbours.

Potential buyers need to be sufficiently impressed to stop the car and get out and take a closer look.

Buyers can make up their minds from the street regarding having an inspection on your property.

First impressions are very important.

Many buyers will be busily comparing as many properties as possible in one day.

This is where you need a good real estate agent who makes sure that the buyers come and look inside but also remember there is a big difference between lookers and buyers.

Find a good real estate agent one who can bring ready to purchase buyers to your property not lookers. 

Tip 2 - Romancing the Buyers

Imagine your property as trying to romance a buyer or trying to find a new lover.

So it has got to look the very best it can !

The average Australian home’s sale price could be improved by up to 5-10% by improving presentation.

Simple things like removing clutter, freshening up with a coat of paint where needed, and basic stuff like letting in plenty of natural light and fresh air.

Open the curtains blinds and blinds and let in as much light as you can.

Buyers love natural light. If it’s a cold day put the heater on and make the place feel homely.

Your goal is to present a home that has been and is still loved.

Emotional purchasers are the best buyers and they pay the highest price.

Make your property feel like a home.

The best buyers aren't just looking for a house, but if they fall in love with your home your sale price will go up.

  Tip 3 - Make Sure all of The Family is Involved

   If you have kids explain to them what’s going on.

  Give them an incentive to keep their rooms tidy.

   Maybe you all want to move to the bigger house with a bigger yard.

   Remind the kids to keep their rooms tidy.

   The incentive is they will running around in that big yard with a pool before they know it.

   If you have pets it is best they go elsewhere while your house is on the market.

   It is a good idea to make other arrangements for the pets care while you are selling.

  One of the most overlooked aspects of selling a home is its smell.

   Pleasant scents create pleasant moods, whereas a bad odor is an instant repellant.

You may not smell the pet smells but any potential buyer will.

If you want to maximize your sale price Max the dog or Charlie the cat must have a holiday while your property is on the market.


Tip 4 - Do Not Confuse Expensive Improvements With Presentation

Make your property sparkle through cleanliness.

This doesn’t cost virtually anything but a bit of scrubbing and proper cleaning potentially makes all the difference.

The reaction from buyers because a home is clean and even polished is overwhelmingly positive.

You really don’t need to spend a fortune on improvements that your potential buyer may or may not want.

Instead spend your energy on making the house sparkle.

Start scrubbing, then stand back with pride and look at what the buyers will see when they arrive.

A home which sparkles and smells good will sell for a higher price.

It is not clever to spend a lot of money of renovations which the buyer may or may not want.


Tip 5 - Remember You Are Competing for the Buyer

The harsh reality is your property is competing for a buyer.

When you put your property on the market other properties or real estate available for sale at the time are your competition for the buyer.

They are competing with you for the potential buyers attention, and the potential buyers money.

Serious sellers understand the importance of presentation.

Other owners are going to the extra trouble in this area of presentation.

As a seller you have to do the same.

Prepare your real estate for sale properly and then get the best selling result.

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