Rating and Review Sites and How to Make Them Work For You As a Real Estate Agent


  What Do Customers Think of Your Real Estate Service ?

     Benefits of hearing customer feedback

    * It is based on what is best for your customer.

    * It is a great way to assess how you are performing.

    * It is a guide to know if any changes are needed.

    * Positive feedback is a great motivator when times are tough.

    * Positive feedback is a great thing to show new customers.   

    * Testimonials are recoginized as the ultimate promotional tool.

    * Consumers trust other consumers rather than advertising.

    * Easy to obtain using online interface.

    * Customers appreciate that you hear their view.

    * It shows you care about your customers


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Improve Your Service By Encouraging Customer Reviews


As an agent you can use this site as a tool to encourage customer feedback inviting reviews.

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According to recent data from "The Social Habit" online review sites were the second most important resource for consumers considering a purchase behind the company’s own web site.

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Selling real estate is a big decision and consumers want to deal with a specialist real estate agent.

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Most consumers are now searching for information online about any new business they plan to employ.

Make it easier for customers to identify you as the agent they should speak to about real estate.

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