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The best method of finding a reliable service provider has always been a referral from a close trusted friend.

We hope to provide consumers with this type of information.

Consumers with customer experience and knowledge about real estate agents please share that knowledge.

If you have just dealt with a real estate agent in selling a property your details about that customer experience is valuable information for the next person in your area who is now considering selling.

Share your experience by reviewing the real estate agent.

You can help other consumers in their decision making.

Share your selling experience by writing a real estate agent review


    * Search your suburb to find the real estate agent you wish to review.

    * Post the review and rating on the agent you dealt with.

    * We request you confirm your contact email details.

    * The real estate agent you rated will be notified of the review.

    * If the review and rating is approved by administration.

    * The review is then displayed on site.

    * Consumers in the area are better informed.


We support the real estate industry.

There are some really good real estate agents out there, its just finding them sometimes can be a challenge.

We support real estate agents because we believe you will achieve a better sale result if you sell with a real estate agent.

However the other side of the equation is when employing a real estate agent their selling fees are high.

So if you are paying high fees, you deserve high levels of customer service.

Some agents deliver really great customer service and some struggle to live up to their promises

When you invite a real estate agent to your property you are speaking to a professional salesperson.

The real estate agents do a lot of training for this interview in methods of how to get sellers to give them the listing.

This is because this is really the main sale in real estate, the agents know if they list the property then the buyers will come to them.

Agents are well trained at saying the right thing at the time of listing the property for sale.

What really matters is what customers think after the property has been sold, it gives a better guide to the total customer experience.

Because the average real estate selling fee in Australia is now averaging somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000 consumers should do their homework when selecting real estate agents to interview.

We recommend that to start with you interview 2 or 3 real estate agents.

To learn about what to say when you interview the real estate agents see Guide to the Best Real Estate Agent Questions.

If you are interested we can help you find a real estate agent who is an area specialist for your area. 

Our recommended agents are specific area or suburb specialists.

This means they are normally more knowledgeable on market values and more in touch with specific buyers and pricing by focusing on one targeted area.

They should then be better able to provide a better service buyers for that particular area because they have become that area real estate expert.

If you have just sold please consider writing a real estate review for your agent.


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